Un-paper Towels - set of 6

Un-paper Towels - set of 6

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Soggy, un-recyclable paper towels that pollute landfill and our oceans! No thanks!

These un-paper towels (that come in a set of 6) are a great alternative and can be washed and reused over and over again.

Ideal for wiping up spillages, cleaning surfaces and wiping sticky fingers and faces.

You can use an old cardboard paper towel roll to roll your un-paper towels round and slide onto your existing holder. 


Made from Terry Towelling, which is a knitted fabric featuring a loop back and smooth surface. The Terry is is plush, snuggly, and versatile base cloth.



Simply wash in your washing machine and dry in the shade. It will become more absorbent with each wash.

This Design

This design is called Women Connection. It depicts the connection that women have with each other, the earth and the world around them.