Get your sustainable sunglasses now!

Admission time - I break sunglasses...a lot! They seem to constantly fall off my head, hit the ground and something breaks. But I also don't want to be replacing them all the time. I have super glued a lot of broken frames and arms in the past.

 So when I was looking for a new pair recently I decided to find a sustainable pair of sunglasses. I was not disappointed in my search. 

My criteria was fairly simply - sustainable material, made in Australia and looked good. Enter Archer Eyewear.

Archer Eyewear is a sustainable eyewear brand operating from Batemans Bay and run by wife and hubby duo Rhiannon and Michael. They launched in 2018 when they were in desperate need of comfortable eyewear that wasn't plastic.

During their design process they discovered wood is much more sustainable and comfier (and can I say, more gorgeous) than plastic. It is also biodegradable and won't leave a lasting impact on our planet.

And there story just gets better - in 2019 they partnered with Carbon Neutral, who plant thousands of seedlings and saplings across outback Australia's agricultural region every year - so for every pair of sunglasses they sell, a native tree is planted too. 

Their range is for men and women and have polarised UV400 lenses, scratch resistant lenses, flexi hinges (they haven't fallen off my head once) and of course wooden frames.

They do stock in some bricks and mortar stores but also have a Virtual Try On on their site. Seriously, how cool is that! Be sure to check them out, you won't be disappointed.

Do you rock sustainable eyewear?

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