Composting Dog Poop

Since our little pup joined our family three years ago, he has become a firm favourite of everyone! And studies have shown that exposure to dogs can even improve our immune system.

The one thing that is not loved by everyone is his poop though. One medium-sized dog produces about 180 kilograms of poo a year. And with about 9 million dogs in Australia, there is a lot of poop!

Dog poop is also considered an environmental hazard. It comprises three-quarters water plus undigested food, including carbohydrates, fibre, proteins and fats from their digestive systems. Not to mention a wide range of bacteria that aid digestion.

If left on the street to wash into waterways it can create a potential health hazard, as  pathogenic microbes from the poop gets into the water and can find their way into other living things - including us.

Up until now we have been wrapping his poop in plastic and putting it in the bin - where is eventually ends up in we are composting it! 

We purchased a EnsoPet pet poo composter. It is an in-ground composting system that utilises worms and micro-organisms to recycle pet waste hygienically into rich nutrients for the soil. It's made of 100% recycled plastic and includes tongs and an enzyme starter pack.

During the composting process the temperature rises to 50-60 degrees celsius. Over time, the heat will kill most canine bacteria, as they are adapted to live at lower temperatures in the dog's gut.

It is recommended to not include waste from unknown dogs or from dogs that show signs of disease and avoid using the compost on vegetables for human consumption.

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for more details about our dog poop compost!

Do you have a dog poop compost?


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