How to have a sustainable Halloween

Sustainable Halloween Waste Free World

Halloween has exploded in popularity in Australia in recent years - kids are excited for months to dress up, decorate and get loaded with sugar! which is all great stuff. 

But on the flip side of the fun is the waste - single use items, plastic packaging, decorations etc. 

Here are some eco-friendly tips to help you create a more sustainable Halloween:

Dress Up

  • Instead of going out and buying a new outfit, try to refashion old clothes and materials from around the house -   the old sheet as a ghost never gets old. 
  • Rent a costume - there are some great places around that rent costumes, give it a Google. 
  • Speaking of Google- search for creative outfit ideas. There are so many parents creating up a storm. 
  • Put a call out to friends in the area to lend you an outfit or ask for their ideas.
  • Paint your face instead of getting a mask.


  • Avoid single use items - they aren't great for the hip pocket and are shocking for the environment.
  • Recycle old stuff - perhaps there is some black wool hiding in Nana's cupboard you could use to make a spiders web....and what kid doesn't love a bit of art and craft.
  • Grab some branches and leaves from the garden.
  • Get creative - swing over to Pinterest and check out all the sustainable Halloween ideas that have come before you. It is amazing what people can do with an empty toilet paper roll.


  • Make homemade treats....remember toffee at cake stalls! 
  • Steer away from plastic packaged food
  • Use reusable bags to collect your treats - and use it again and again and again. You could even use a pillow case.

The Pumpkin

  • Use the filling for pies, muffins, soups, risottos etc.
  • Roast up those gorgeous pepitas and add them to a salad.
  • Compost it when it starts to look sad in your window. 

Do you have any tips for a sustainable Halloween?

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